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Southwest Turquoise Jewelry - July 2004

The Highlight of the Month program at The Indian Craft Shop focuses on a particular craft area, region or artist family/group. Our aim is to illustrate the diversity of tribal groups and the wide variety of artistic expressions and traditions in the country today.

 Southwest Turquoise Jewelry   Southwest Turquoise Jewelry

So many of you enjoyed learning about turquoise and seeing high quality natural turquoise stones at our Turquoise Show last year, we decided to feature turquoise again this year. Turquoise has been used by Native Peoples for thousands of years for ceremonies and for adornment. From July 6 -17, The Indian Craft Shop will highlight turquoise jewelry from the Southwest. This is a great time to see an extraordinary selection of classic and contemporary American Indian jewelry set with or made of turquoise. There will be bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins, pendants and earrings made by both emerging and prominent artists from the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and Santo Domingo Tribes. Some of the favorite U.S.-mined turquoise will include Bisbee, Blue Diamond, Blue Gem, Candelaria, Carico Lake, Cerrillos, Fox, High Lonesome, Indian Mountain, King’s Manassa, Kingman, Lone Mountain, Morenci, Nevada Blue, Number 8, Pilot Mountain, Royston, Sleeping Beauty, Turquoise Mountain and more!

Southwest Turquoise Jewelry   Southwest Turquoise Jewelry

Don’t miss this chance to see such an amazing variety of stones in pieces by Martin Aguilar, Cecil Ashley, John B. Begay, Harold Bicenti, Emma Bighand, Andy Cadman, Ronald and Petra Chavez, Rudy Coriz, Etta Endito, Kenny Garcia, Jimmie Harrison, Ivan Howard, Verdi Jake, Tom Jim, Al Joe, Mary John, Romejo Lovato, Al and Kee Nez, Mitchell Sockyma, Don Supplee, Orville Tsinnie, Samson Werito, Geraldine Yazzie, and more.

Southwest Turquoise Jewelry


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