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The clock is ticking away! Send your "Reasons to Collect American Indian Art" by March 29 and you could win one of FIVE $75 Gift Vouchers we are giving away! All you need to do is send in your reasons for collecting American Indian art- send us as few or as many as you like - and we will enter you into our drawing.


We are collecting your reasons in honor of The Indian Craft Shop entering into its 75th Anniversary year. We thank all of you for taking the time to share your reasons; they provide valuable feedback not only to the Shop, but to artists from across the nation.


We are excited about completing our list of "75 Reasons to Collect American Indian Art," which will become part of our permanent history record.





Here are a few samples of what we have received so far:


-- My husband and I enjoy the beauty and warmth that American Indian art brings to our home. It is very spiritual and calming. Each piece of artwork has its own story to tell. Family and friends who visit our home enjoy seeing the diversity of American Indian cultures. It is an educational experience for everyone to learn about the talented artists and their cultural expressions.


--Because it is breathtaking


-- For me, American Indian art reflects three-fold beauty:  the beauty of the art, the beauty of the materials, and the beauty of the artist's imagination. 


-- Here's a reason why I collect jewelry from The Indian Craft Shop: It's timeless; art I will wear tomorrow and for the rest of my life. I love the Shop!


-- I collect American Indian art because it makes me feel closer to creation and to people who demonstrate through their art an abiding appreciation for the natural world.


--Design, color and symbolism all merit a vote for wanting to collect American Indian Art, but it is more, it is the talent and attention to detail that is part of a great heritage that we all participate in and should support.


You may send your reasons by regular mail, email them to or place them in our 'Reasons Box' in the Shop. Of course, after we have our "75 Reasons to Collect American Indian Art," we will share all of them with you!


We thank you for supporting the arts and being a part of The Indian Craft Shop's history - past, present and future.




Yes, Spring is officially here and we have heard, due to the cooler weather and various conditions, that the new Peak Bloom time for Washington, DC's Cherry Blossom trees will be April 3 - 6 (instead of the previously reported dates!). 




In our 75th Year, The Indian Craft Shop is becoming Social Media, that is. Bear with us as we take our 'in-store social connections' that we feel so strongly with all of you and learn to deliver them through Social Media.


If you are on Facebook, Like us on Facebook, come 'like us' so you can watch how we progress.


We are now on Yelp, Find us on Yelp,  a site that directs people to points of interest and gives the opportunity for writing reviews.  We'd love to have you share your experiences.


Some of you may enjoy Pinterest, Find us on Pinterest, which allows you to post images and share your interests. We have just set up a page for The Indian Craft Shop; let us know what you think!


Throughout our evolution into this "Social Media" world, please let us know if you have suggestions or comments and, certainly, if you are enjoying it. You can email to let us know your thoughts about our efforts. We are working hard to bring the beauty and joy of American Indian art into people's lives and to 'get the word out' to benefit so many talented American Indian artists.




Spring is also an exciting time at the Shop, as brand new works arrive from artists who continue to amaze us all with their talent and creativity. We have been receiving packages throughout the month with new arrivals from Kathy Elk Woman Whitman (Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara), Michael Na Na Ping Garcia (Pascua Yaqui), Bruce Hodgins (Navajo), and Lorenzo Shirley (Navajo); and many other new works are on their way to us.




If you're not able to visit the Shop, visit our Online Store to see our selection of work online OR you can also call or email and we will be happy to help you with ideas, work with special requests or email images and descriptions of items to you. We know schedules are busy and if you just can't make it in, be sure to ask what we can do to help bring art into your life!





Visit our Online Store.





The Indian Craft Shop is open the third Saturday of each month. We hope that you will be able to join us Saturday, April 20th, from 10:00am - 4:00pm.  


Thank you for your continued support of the arts and we hope to see you soon!




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